Turned parts with deep hole drilling machine
Deep hole drilling

Our newest baby is the sliding headstock machine Star SR32J for processing bars of up to Ø32 x 260mm. This automatic lathe is especially suitable for processing complex turned parts. 20 different tools, 8 of which are power driven, allows frontal and lateral processing to be quickly accomplished.

Deep hole drilling 

Thanks to the cooling water high-pressure system, the Star has a cooling water pressure of up to 170 bar in the internal tools which allows us, to bring deep hole drilling directly on the turning centre in the turned parts. In this way we can reduce costs through ecomonic processing and the delivery dates can be dramatically shortened since no external processing is necessary.


Langdreher für Drehteile mit Tieflochbohrung  Langdreher für Drehteile mit Tieflochbohrung

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