Milling with 5 axles vertical milling centre
Milling and Drilling

We process your complex turned and milled parts or cubic components on vertical machining centres with an additional axle and part shuttle table. This treatment centre enables us to meet the highest expectations in complexity and efficiency. This is especially advantageous for turn center machining that is not economically viable in production.
The smaller machines also help us to develop simple, cost-efficient machine finishing, for example, a flange that has numerous drillings and threads, or a turning part that is milled with width across flats. 


kubisch fräsen und bohren
  • 5 axles milling
  • Max. traverse paths X:550mm, Y: 300mm, Z: 400mm
  • With additional rotational axles
  • Swivelling table for optimal processing time
  • Centre height of the rotational axles 100mm
  • Smaller machines for cost efficient processing
  • Pre-finished